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Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock

Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock

Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock
Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock

Large Image :  Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GZ Body Chemical
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CAS 9002-72-6
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kit
Price: USD30 - USD115
Packaging Details: Foiled or as requested
Delivery Time: WIthin 24 hours
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 5000 box/month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: HGH, Hygetropin Assay: Purity 99.8%
Storage: Cool Stock Form: White Freeze Dried Powder
Payment Term: WestUnion, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer And Bitcoin Policy: Free Reshipping
Whatapp: +8617620351346 Shipping Term: EMS To Your Door, FEDEX, DHL, EUB, ETK, HK EMS, Special Line
Main Market: USA, German, France, UK, India, Turkey, Europe, Asia, Poland, Tailand, Malasia And So On Manufactory: China
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Old HGH Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10vials,8iu*25vials from Manufactory

Whatapp: +8617620351346
Skype: clarasteroid

Quick details:

Manufacturer: Hygene, China
Pharmaceutical name: Human Growth Hormone 191aa
Pack: 1x200IU (8IU/Vial),1x100IU (10IU/Vial)
Price: Negotiable
Active Life: Varies by injection method
Average Dose: Men 2-6 i.u. total daily
Water Retention: Rare
Liver Toxic: No
Aromatization: No


HGH first became available in the 1980’s. At first it was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers. This practice was discontinued however when it was determined that administration of the hormone that was collected this way was linked to the spread of a fatal brain disease. All of the human growth hormone that is now produced is synthetic.


Hygetropin is also known as HGH and is made by Hygene China.
Human Growth Hormone is a proteinaceous hormone made up of a chain of 191 amino acids and is produced by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the protein deposition, growth of tissues, and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores. Human Growth Hormone is produced in its highest levels during adolescence, as should be no surprise since this is when the majority of a person’s body growth occurs. In adulthood, growth hormone still circulates in the body but at much lower levels. The primary medical purpose for administration of human growth hormone is for those that suffer from a deficiency of the hormone during their adolescence so that normal growth can occur. However in recent years the popularity of HGH has surged as a means to treat age-related degenerative conditions, as well as other so-called “anti-aging” therapies.

Hypertropin is indicated for:

Child onset or pediatric GH deficiency
Growth hormone deficiency in adults
Muscle wasting associated with various illnesses (including AIDS and Cachexia)
Idiopathic Short Stature
Short Stature Caused by Turner’s syndrome
Treatment for SGA and IUGR
Short stature caused by Prader-Willi syndrome
Treatment for children with rheumatoid arthritis
Treatment of Osteoporosis
Treatment for children with XLH
Growth problems caused by short bowel syndrome
Improper growth in children with Renal Disease
Recreationally used for bodybuilding
Recreationally used for weight loss
Recreationally used for anti aging
Long term management and replacement of GH in adult patients diagnosed with adult onset GH deficiency. The Hypertropin acts as a replacement for the naturally occurring, but absent, GH.


Hygetropin is, unlike most hormones used by bodybuilders, not a steroid hormone, but a proteinaceous hormone made up of a chain of 191 amino acids. All animals have growth hormone, but each seems to be specific to the species. HGH was first isolated in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a biological form. The hormone was literally extracted from the pituitary of deceased individuals. As with anything extracted from carcasses this imposed a serious risk of contracting the Kreutzfeld-Jacob disease (since the late 90’s best known as mad cow disease), a normally rare neural infliction that makes you spastic and can cause death over a period of no more than two weeks. Not exactly appealing. There also wasn’t, understandably, much demand for such a compound on the black market. Late 80’s early 90’s geneticists succeeded in manufacturing a genetic form of HGH however, through a very complicated technique using mice genes and what have you not (I’m not a geneticist, don’t ask me). This also seriously upped the price of the compound.

We also supply:


Product Name Specification Product Name Specification
10bottles=1Kit 10Vials=1Kit
RX 060801-CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg/bottles RX 060821-Hexarelin 2mg/bottles
RX 060802-CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg/bottles RX 060822-Ipamorelin 2mg/bottles
RX 060803-GHRP-2 5mg/bottles RX 060823-Sermorelin 2mg/bottles
RX 060804-GHRP-6 5mg/bottles RX 060824-Melanotan II 10mg/bottles
RX 060805-HGH Fragment 176-191 2mg/bottles RX 060825-PT-141 10mg/bottles
Red tops/black tops/HGH 10iu/bottles RX 060826-TB-500 10mg/bottles
Green tops HGH 8iu/bottles RX 060827-TB-500 5mg/bottles
Yellow tops HGH 6iu/bottles RX 060828-TB-500 2mg/bottles
Pink tops HGH 4iu/bottles RX 060829-PEG MGF 2mg/bottles
Original Jintropin HGH 10iu/bottles RX 060830-MGF 2mg/bottles
Kigtropin HGH -10iu 10iu/bottles RX 060831-EPO(Erythropoietin) 3000iu/bottles
Hygetropin HGH-10iu 10iu/bottles RX 060832-GDF-8 1mg/bottles
HCG-5000iu 5Kiu/bottles RX 060833-DSIP 5mg/bottles
Livzon HCG-50000iu 2Kiu/bottles RX 060834-SNAP-8 5mg/bottles
IGF-1 LR3-1mg 1mg/bottles RX 060835-Selank 5mg/bottles
IGF-1 LR3---0.1mg 0.1mg/bottles    
Contact info clarasteroid@hotmail.com

Where to Inject:

The most readily absorbed area is the inner thigh. This should be done subq. by pinching a small fold and injecting in the middle. I do not recommend the abdomen as the fat tends to slow absorption. GH can be injected anywhere subq.though.

When to Take:

Our natural GH levels are highest 2 hours after sleep and lowest in the morning. Since we want to take advantage of both natural and exogenous GH, it is best to take half in the morning upon waking and the other half between post workout and sleep. The second best would be to take it all in the morning. Never take GH close to bed,as that will eventually downgrade the natural production. We want to take advantage of all the IGF that we can.

Step-by-Step HGH Usage Guide:

Remove the cap from the bottle of bacteriostatic water and wipe the rubber with a medical alcohol pad.
Take a mixing syringe and extract 3.0 cc of bacteriostatic water vial into it at a moderate pace.
Remove the plastic cap from the bottle of somatropin.
Put the mixing syringe into the somatropin bottle and slowly release the water into the bottle.
Slowly turn the bottle until the water is mixed with the somatropin powder. Remember not to shake the bottle! That would ruin somatropin molecules.
Make sure the mixture is clear and free of powder remains. That means the vial is ready.
Take the cap off your small administering syringe.
Insert the syringe into the bottle with the ready vial and extract 40.0 units into the syringe at a moderate pace (this equals 2 IU of growth hormone).(regarding different condition,we suggest 2ius-8ius.you can start with 4ius per day and your wife 3ius per day.According your feeling,add or reduce)
Inject the hormone subcutaneously into your belly or inner thigh.
Dispose of the syringes, using a secure container.
Place the rest of the mixture into a refrigerator (make sure the temperature is around 36 - 46 F or 2-6 C ).

Why you choose us:

1. Quality assurance
With our years of experience, advanced technology and continuous research, our quality is to fully meet the needs of the market to meet the requirements of customers, many customers use our products, we believe that the product is very good. Whether it is a powder, or liquid, yes, we all know, our liquid better.
2. Safe transportation
Our mode of transport is taken according to each country's situation is different transportation, while our packaging, according to the latest customs situation, constantly updated, improved our packaging, we guarantee that you receive it within 3-5 to your product.
3. The product diversity
Our products are powders and liquids, yes, brothers, the effect of the liquid is very good, but many people do not use liquid, so you are very lucky, you buy our powder, we can tell you the method of making the liquid If you buy a liquid, we will tell you how to filter. We absolutely guarantee that you can very safely use our products
4. High quality service :
Our goods packing will not contain any hormone information and can be sent out from different areas of china. At present,the goods customs clearance rate we send to United states and Europe is 99%, As for Canada, Brazil of quite high buckle close rate area, we also have a new way to get through the customs. We also have completely re-send policy to some areas.

How to contact us:

Old Hgh Brands Hygetropin Human Growth Hormone Peptide 10iu*/10 Vials Cool Stock 0

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